Kushal Tirumala

About me

I'm a researcher at FAIR (Facebook AI Research). I'm primarily interested in machine learning theory / science of deep learning, although I've worked on applying machine learning to various scientific problems.

Previously, I received my B.S. at Caltech in math and computer science, where I was fortunate enough to work with Yisong Yue, Yaser Abu-Mostafa, and Ashish Mahabal.

Email: {firstname}{lastname}99 at gmail dot com

Please reach out if you'd like to collaborate / have any questions about my work!


Memorization Without Overfitting: Analyzing the Training Dynamics of Large Language Models. [arXiv].

Kushal Tirumala*, Aram H. Markosyan*, Luke Zettlemoyer, Armen Aghajanyan

NeurIPS 2022 (Oral presentation, top 2% of accepted papers)

Investigating Generalization by Controlling Normalized Margin. [arXiv].

Alexander Farhang, Jeremy Bernstein, Kushal Tirumala, Yang Liu, Yisong Yue

ICML 2022

Dynatask: A Framework for Creating Dynamic AI Benchmark Tasks. [arXiv].

Tristan Thrush, Kushal Tirumala, Anmol Gupta, Max Bartolo, Pedro Rodriguez, Tariq Kane, William Gaviria Rojas, Peter Mattson, Adina Williams, Douwe Kiela

ACL 2022 System Demos

A Method for Finding Anomalous Astronomical Light Curves and their Analogues. [arXiv][package].

J Rafael Martínez-Galarza, Federica B Bianco, Dennis Crake, Kushal Tirumala, Ashish A Mahabal, Matthew J Graham, Daniel Giles

MNRAS 2021

A Granular Method for Finding Anomalous Light Curves and their Analogs. [pdf]

Kushal Tirumala, J Rafael Martínez-Galarza, Federica B Bianco, Dennis Crake, Ashish A Mahabal, Matthew J Graham, Daniel Giles

NeurIPS ML4PS workshop 2021

DeepStreaks: identifying fast-moving objects in the Zwicky Transient Facility data with deep learning. [pdf]

Dmitry A Duev, Ashish Mahabal, Quanzhi Ye, Kushal Tirumala, Justin Belicki, Richard Dekany, Sara Frederick, Matthew J Graham, Russ R Laher, Frank J Masci, Thomas A Prince, Reed Riddle, Philippe Rosnet, Maayane T Soumagnac

MNRAS 2019

Machine learning for the zwicky transient facility. [pdf]

Ashish Mahabal et al.

MNRAS 2018


Generalization Bounds for MLPs. [pdf]

Kushal Tirumala